Today will be different...

30 seconds of baby vamps

So it's 32 seconds but that just doesn't sound that good, does it?

vampires of tvd icons
Vampire HBIC's [ 28 ]
Blood Brothers [ 11 ]
Together [ 11 ]

Don't Steal or Claim as your own.
Comment if you take.
Comments are always love. :)

Look at me...I'm a monster!Collapse )

katherine pierce is here for our entertainment

Damon & Elena.

Didn't have enough inspiration to finish the video completely so it's short again, but I hope it's not that bad. :D

Katherine & Stefan Picspam
Because she came back for him and he is a completely different (bad-ass) vampire when she's around.

Don't steal, credit and enjoy ! :) Oh, and don't upload them to your tumblr or anywhere.
I will hunt you down and rip your heart outCollapse )

damon & elena // what do you want from me?
Damon & Elena - What do you want from me?

Forever is all we have ; it's all we needCollapse )

Emma Watson Icons

[25] Icons of the always beautiful Emma Watson


If we could see the future today...Collapse )

katherine pierce // beautiful monster
Another fan video of Katherine. I can't help it...& that song SCREAMS her.

Song:  Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster

Immortal Beauty
Appreciating Vampire Ladies of True Blood & the Vampire Diaries :)

icons of Jessica Hamby
icons of Pam Ravenscroft

My top 5
Vampire Ladies (with little picspams)

+ a short Fan Video of Katherine Pierce.

She's a beautiful monsterCollapse )


True Blood Icons
[38] True Blood Season 3 Icons

Do Bad Things With You...Collapse )


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