Today will be different...

The Vampire Diaries fan video
My first TVD video & first finished video in like...three months.

Song : Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless

Katherine Pierce Icons
Effy Stonem

If you love that crazy maniac hbic Katherine then I hope you're gonna enjoy  these ;)

[20] Icons of just her.
[7] Icons of her with Damon / Stefan


Lady of the NightCollapse )

Katie Fitch & Effy Stonem Icons
[12] Katie Fitch icons
[6] Effy Stonem icons
Sometimes i think i was born backwards...Collapse )

GG S4 Filming Icons
My first try at making icons. So don't be too harsh :)

[13] Icons of Leighton
[6] Icons of Blake
[9] Icons of them together

You know you love me ...Collapse )


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